Words For Music Perhaps

As the title implies, the 36 entries in this book have never been sung. There are no tunes that will automatically cue up in your head on reading a particular line, phrase or title.

- NZ Books, December 2001.

lyrics without melody

Mahinarangi Tocker's lyrical poems (without melody) are about the human spirit seeking "a truth" and about the truth we find in our exchanges with each other.

- JAAM 16, October 2001.

lyrics without melody

...her language is clear and fresh, and when read-out loud, her verses fully release their gentle swing.

- Rip It Up, April/May 2001.

sign language

Street Women Press of Palmerston North have published a book of poetry by Paula Harris called sign language and I'm recommending it to you.

- JAAM 12, Nov 1999.

Harris to read poetry

POETRY is about rhythm. If it doesn't sound right when read aloud, something is probably wrong...

- Evening Standard, 12 Feb 1999.

sign language

Sign Language (Street Women Press, $14.95) by Palmerston North-based poet Paula Harris tackles some unexpected subject matter for a New Zealand book of verse. Early last year Harris lived in rural North Carolina. Her new poems, she says, "look at my experience as a white woman with a shaved head, a pierced navel, the wrong clothes, an accent and no religious beliefs living with an Afro-American in a conservative, Christian, racially segregated small town in the South". If you have trouble finding Sign Language in your local bookshop, try contacting the press directly...

- Sunday Star Times, 1 Feb 1999.

sign language looks at life in the south

PALMERSTON North-based poet Paula Harris' second collection of poetry, sign language, will be released on Monday.

- Evening Standard, 27 Nov 1998.

woman, phenomenally - reviewed by Clare Needham

Paula Harris's poetry could best be described as lyrical. Many of the works in woman, phenomemally seem made for music....

- JAAM 10, May 1998.

The Dominion's Paperbacks

Woman, phenomenally (Street Women Press, $14.95), Paula Harris's first solo collection, explores female sexuality and the tension between passion and freedom.

- The Dominion, 20 Dec 1997.

Poet won't be stuck in box

LEE MATTHEWS talks to Paula Harris about women phenomenally, and her first 24 years' journey through life.

- Evening Standard, 8 Nov 1997.

Quote Unquote's pick of the latest releases

In their February '97 issue, Quote Unquote featured Sweet Clarity in their "pick of the latest releases" section.

- Quote Unquote, Feb 1997.

Life's essence in collection

PAULA Harris and Philippa Elphick are StreetWomen - two Palmerston North poets who together have produced a collection of their poems in a book under the title "Sweet Clarity"...

- The Tribune, 19 Jan 1997.

Women's Poetry speaks about modern life

TWO Palmerston North poets are trying to take poetry back to the street in their first collection of poems published last month...

- Evening Standard, 3 Jan 1997.