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Philippa Elphick
Paula Harris
Mahinarangi Tocker

Philippa Elphick

Absolutely (Fabulous) Sweet Clarity
Understand Sweet Clarity

Paula Harris

1976 Ford Escort 1.3cc, painted yellow Takahe 43
a lesson in good doctoring Takahe 59
above egypt Poetry NZ 20
after 17 years, we say hi a fine line
after dropping the fridge Poetry NZ 26
after two months, three weeks and two days, my boyfriend leaves his toothbrush in my bathroom Poetry NZ 29
batman never fights crime where he's needed The Listener
broken english SPIN 28
Bird Song SPIN 28
I could be less clichéd if someone would put the thesaurus back in the right place Given An Ordinary Stone
chamomile and lemon balm SPIN 33
Coitus Interruptus JAAM 6
crown jewels Takahe 40
Daddy's Little Girl JAAM 15
Dawning SPIN 28
driving past the bay SPIN 32
finding the luck a fine line
fish out of water In Our Own Words Vol. 3
gareth speaking... (at the next table) Takahe 37
gasping for breath SPIN 31
Haiku SPIN 28
home Takahe 41
how to love your friends NZPS anthology
the incredible true story of life in the roach motel JAAM 11
a life with a view Turbine 2
living next door to the god of love JAAM 31
loving miss moneypenny Takahe 40
Marylynn Sitting Under The Apple Tree Takahe 40
modern medicine (a.k.a. pill popping) Takahe 41
moonscape woman, phenomenally
most likely to The Listener
my father's daughter a fine line
one SPIN 31
Our House SPIN 31
planning for the future JAAM 19
Question woman, phenomenally
question and answers Broadsheet 10
Rangi Lying Down With Papatuanuku SPIN 26
(re)finding inspiration Manawatu Standard
the secret of the universe Snorkel #21
sharing the good stuff SPIN 32
shrapnel a fine line
sign language NZPS Anthology
small signs of hope The Listener
the smell of rain on dust Broadsheet 10
The Sushi Chef's Wife Poetry NZ 20
The Twelve Light Bulbs Of Janet Frame Takahe 37
an uncomplicated life Building a time machine
value for money JAAM 13
the wanderer SPIN 26
a warning to lovers The Listener
Water Song SPIN 27
Welcome home a fine line
While I Was Looking The Other Way Sweet Clarity
won't you be my neighbour JAAM 9
yes, another love poem a fine line
you don't know what you've got . . . woman, phenomenally

Mahinarangi Tocker

my girlfriend's ugly haircut lyrics without melody
never lyrics without melody
out of the house lyrics without melody
yes lyrics without melody